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Podcast Talk: The Literary Life and the Life of Adventure

I was on my friend Erich Prince’s podcast, Open, on Callin on 23 May. During the two hour conversation we discuss the essence of the literary life: books, humanism, stories, and the spirit of adventure. The conversation includes my adventures in hiking, aesthetic and literary humanism, Romanticism, Ernest Hemingway, Russell Kirk, George Will, Saint Augustine, Doctor Zhivago, whether it’s okay to mark up a first edition, and much more.

You can listen to it on the Callin app and platform:


Hesiod, Paul Krause in real life, is the editor-in-chief of VoegelinView. He is writer, classicist, and historian. He has written on the arts, culture, classics, literature, philosophy, religion, and history for numerous journals, magazines, and newspapers. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love and the Politics of Plato, and a contributor to the College Lecture Today and the forthcoming book Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters. He holds master’s degrees in philosophy and religious studies (biblical studies & theology) from the University of Buckingham and Yale, and a bachelor’s degree in economics, history, and philosophy from Baldwin Wallace University.


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