Welcome all.  If you’re reading this then you have stumbled across the site of a scholarly pilgrim.  My name is Paul Krause.  Perhaps you’ve stumbled across my writings in journals and magazines; or perhaps you’re stumbling across me for the first time.

I’m a writer, literary critic, philosopher, and historian. I hold an M.A. in theology from Yale where I studied historical theology and Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and wrote a thesis on the political theology of Saint Augustine of Hippo. I also hold a B.A. in economics, history, and philosophy from Baldwin Wallace University. At present, I’m studying under Sir Roger Scruton for an M.A. in philosophy with a thesis concentrating on political aesthetics. My work generally concerns itself with the interstices of anthropology, philosophy, political philosophy, theology, and the philosophy of history.

Presently, I’m currently a Senior Contributor to The Imaginative Conservative where I have a bimonthly (twice a month) column that mostly focuses on film, philosophy, literature, and theology (i.e. the humanities). I’m also an Associate Editor at VoegelinView. My writings have been featured in American ThinkerCrisis Magazine (where I’m an occasional contributor), Cleveland.com, Forbes Online, Front Porch RepublicMerion West (where I’m an occasional contributor), The Imaginative Conservative, Salon.com, The Federalist, The Remnant, and The Wanderer. You can also find some of my lectures and explanatory talks on various topics at YouTube. My scholarly, peer reviewed, and contracted, work has been featured in journals including Kritike, VoegelinView, Valley Humanities Review, and the Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History.

This site is dedicated to my more personal and random musings with a crypto-academic disposition. You can find explanatory essays on numerous philosophical topics and works at my other site: Hesiod’s Corner. You can also find a portfolio of my essays and scholarly works available at my Academia Page.

As it relates to what the content of Discourses on Minerva will include, you should read the inaugural post and you should catch a good drift of what will come in the future.