Francis Bacon’s Philosophy of Scientific Conquest

Sir Francis Bacon is the father of modern philosophy. He has been described as the “greatest philosopher” by John Dewey and was considered one of the three greatest men by Thomas Jefferson (alongside Newton and Locke). Bacon’s Novum Organum (or Instrument of the New Science, or just New Science) was a momentous change in the history of philosophy of the philosophy … Continue reading Francis Bacon’s Philosophy of Scientific Conquest

Two Meanings of Reason

Reason, and rationality, are terms used by popular pseudo-scientific writers and authors, and YouTube hosts and podcasters, as if superior to all other schools of epistemological thought.  The sad reality is that most self-professed rationalists, like Sam Harris, are really materialistic empiricists.  Moreover, at least from the pen of Christianity (and Judaism and Islam as well), … Continue reading Two Meanings of Reason