Media Tyranny in Modern Society: Understanding the Tactics

The mainstream media, even alternative mainstream mediums like Fox News and so-called rightwing websites, is a channel for control. Moreover, the media exists for propagating the prevailing ideology of the zeitgeist. But for those whom fall outside of polite society, the public orthodoxy and its acceptable alternatives, the media generally engages in four distinct tactics … Continue reading Media Tyranny in Modern Society: Understanding the Tactics

Understanding the Media in a Time of “Fake News”

The media is not neutral or unbiased. It never has been. The formation of mass newspapers around the world were tied to political parties to promote respective agendas. As such, the media can be distinctively broken down into a three-tiers. The first, faute de mieux, is the mainstream media. The mainstream media is the basest … Continue reading Understanding the Media in a Time of “Fake News”

Literary Tales: Plato and Philosophy

In the inaugural lecture of the “Philosophy Hour” at Literary Tales, we begin with the very source of systematic philosophy: Plato. In this half hour lecture we provide the tools for understanding Plato as a political thinker, ethicist, satirist, and architect of foreshadowing. This lecture introduces the reader/listener to how to extract the richness from … Continue reading Literary Tales: Plato and Philosophy

Book on Plato

Have you ever wanted a concise but also in-depth exploration of Plato and Plato's political philosophy? After all, he was not only the first "philosopher" of the West but also the first political philosopher of the West. In fact, removing Plato from the context of political philosophy does tremendous harm to understanding Plato and engaging … Continue reading Book on Plato

Islamic Theology, Philosophy, and Theodicy

Within the context of Western philosophy, Islamic philosophy is generally added to replace “Orthodox” philosophy in the geographic sense. For various reasons I don’t want to get into, students of Western philosophy generally study Islamic philosophy ca. 8th century-Reformation, or at the very least, are given some familiarity with the most important Islamic philosophers during … Continue reading Islamic Theology, Philosophy, and Theodicy