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My recently published book, The Odyssey of Love, overviews 2500 years of Western literature from Hesiod and Homer to Dante, John Milton, Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy (and more!). Anyone who has a love for literature and wishes to have a richer understanding of the themes of love and forgiveness, especially as found in the great works of the Greeks, the Romans, Middle Ages, Elizabethan Era, and into early modernity, have a great opportunity to journey through two and half millennia of literature. We can all use more love, forgiveness, and compassion in our lives. Buy it here: The Odyssey of Love.

“Paul Krause’s essays on some of the enduring works of literature model how we might read in and for love. These careful, provocative readings will inspire readers to pick up these classic stories once more and be reminded that although the libido dominandi may hold sway for a season, it will not have the last word. Love will.” – Jeffrey Bilbro, Spring Arbor University

“The Odyssey of Love is a tour de force exploration of the nature of and need for love in our lives by examining the works of Western literature from Homer to Tolstoy. Krause revives our interest in the humanities by illuminating what we can learn about love when we read classical works of literature. Accessible and cultured, his essays guide us through these works with ease and insight and make us want to read these works again. For students, teachers, and those who simply value literature, The Odyssey of Love is a required book to fall in love again with the great works of the West.” – Lee Trepanier, Samford University

“Paul Krause is a skilled communicator and great young writer showing readers how to fall in love with great books and be moved to glorify God because of it. As Augustine admonished us to take up and read, Paul Krause does the same by making this process enjoyable and enriching in his latest work. Highly recommended.” – Scott James Meyer, Houston Baptist University


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