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VoegelinView is an interdisciplinary online journal that covers everything from art, culture, literature, film, philosophy, politics, and more! (Notwithstanding anything related to our namesake, the philosopher Eric Voegelin.) I will be the head editor of VoegelinView starting January 1, 2022. For anyone who might have an interest writing essays, articles, book reviews, or short reflections on current events for VoegelinView visit our submissions page. Follow me on Twitter for more VV updates and promotions (and other things):


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      1. Depends on what you have in mind. My email is listed on the submissions tab for inquiring or just submitting to me carte blanche. Naturally as editor I make the determination of what is best for VV, whether the piece is publishable, needing of revision, or not of interest. As I work to increase VV’s profile, and seeing that followers/subscribers here probably are writers elsewhere, or have interests in writing, I figured my own personal site can be used to expand VV’s outreach.

        2. LENGTH: Book reviews can range from 800 to 3,000 words; essays 1,500-5,000 (longer essays will be considered upon review and at editor discretion); and articles 5,000-10,000 words (slightly longer articles will be considered upon review and at editor discretion). Citations are required for articles and are optional for essays and book reviews.

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