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The Tyrant Queen of the Big Banks Strikes Back (Again)

Alas it is predictable that the petty tyrant queen of the big banks, who derides cryptocurrency for its phony populism, but who is herself a phony populist, is at it again. Elizabeth Warren, in the most recent Senate Finance Committee hearing on Central Bank Digital Currency, once again turned her guns on cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance spewing lies once again while defending the current gangster regime of the big bank cartel that she supposedly also claims to be fighting against.

Her main argument is that cryptocurrency and DeFi threaten the current legacy finance banking system. Well of course it does. It is an alternative to the corruption, malpractice, and manipulation of the current banking system. But because people all over the world, including the US, want to control their own finances without the restrictions and suffocating unfairness of the current fiat system, Warren is outraged. Her letter to Treasury Secretary Yellen is telling. In her criticism of cryptocurrency, Warren has once again outed herself—despite her persona—as a shill for the big banks and Federal Reserve.

As we covered before, cryptocurrency is the greatest movement for wealth redistribution in the history of the world. But because this is occurring individualistically, through prudent individual decision-making, Elizabeth Warren and her ilk are unhappy about it. It must be clear to anyone without their head in the sand that the only reason Warren and her fake populist counterparts in the Democratic Party don’t like cryptocurrency is because individuals will be free from the government and its regulatory leviathan by participating in the greatest wealth redistribution in history.

If the government isn’t involved in protecting the current wealth regime—which is what regulations actually do despite the popular perception to the contrary—then the stooges and warriors of the current system are unhappy. The real lie is peddled by politicians like Elizabeth Warren. She wants to keep you poor, destitute, and on the government dole to control you. She hides this reality behind the mask of “consumer protection.” In reality, she is doing the bidding of the big banks who are fearful of cryptocurrency. And rightfully so.


Hesiod, Paul Krause in real life, is the editor of VoegelinView and a writer on art, culture, literature, politics, and religion for numerous journals, magazines, and newspapers. He is the author of The Odyssey of Love and the Politics of Plato, and a contributor to the College Lecture Today and the forthcoming book Diseases, Disasters, and Political Theory. He holds master’s degrees in philosophy and theology (biblical & religious studies) from the University of Buckingham and Yale, and a bachelor’s degree in economics, history, and philosophy from Baldwin Wallace University.


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