Did You Ever Want to Understand Plato’s Politics?

Have you ever wanted a concise but also in-depth exploration of Plato and Plato’s political philosophy? After all, he was not only the first “philosopher” of the West but also the first political philosopher of the West. In fact, removing Plato from the context of political philosophy does tremendous harm to understanding Plato and engaging with his dialogues.

In this new book, I gather together some self-published and professionally published essays and articles on Plato’s politics to offer a simple and critical examination of the politics of Plato through a handful of his dialogues including Euthyphro, Phaedo, PhaedrusTimaeusCrito, and The Republic. Additionally, I provide short and concise introductions to some of the most famous “myths” of the Republic, including The Cave and Er, highlighting how these most famous stories have more to do with politics than they have to do with metaphysics or epistemology as traditionally taught and understood. In under 120 pages, take a tour into the mind of one of the most important thinkers who ever lived!

You can purchase the book here: The Politics of Plato: A Beginner’s Guide.

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