Identity, Love, and Redemption in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Love gives us the strength to stand up to the dark powers of machines, technology, and militarized science. How does Star Was “deal with the reaction of human beings to changes in science and technology?” It affirms that most intimate, human, and divine reality: Love will redeem the world and provide us a home in the midst of displacement, dislocation, and galactic strife. The “galaxy far, far away”—upon a closer examination—is the galaxy that we inhabit and the struggles in that galaxy are the struggles we are currently fighting.

In honor of Star Wars month, May, per my usual cultural column I wrote an essay deconstructing the symbolism and archetypes of Star Wars examining the famous Space Opera as a cosmic love epic unconsciously portraying the modern struggle of love in the midst of technological tyranny, war, and dislocation. This is the first of two essays on the Lucas films (Episodes 1-6) and this one concerned itself with the original trilogy. You can read the full essay here: “Star Wars”: Identity, Love, and Redemption (4 May 2020).

This essay continues my film analysis of science fiction. You can read my other essays here:

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