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Understand Hegel in a Half Hour!

Georg W.F. Hegel is the most influential and consequential philosopher of modernity. In this half hour lecture (37 minutes, actually), I provide a concise summary of the whole of Hegel’s systematic philosophy by bringing together his Phenomenology of Spirit; Elements of the Philosophy of Right; Lectures on the Philosophy of History. In reading Hegel we learn that his philosophy is profoundly ethical (sittlichkeit) and is concerned with the movement of unconscious individuals into conscious communities of ethical love, duties, obligations, and sacrifices which perpetuate the activity of the purposive activity of the Spirit.

You can watch/listen to my lecture on Fichte and Schelling (whom I reference multiple times here) and you can read an academic article of mine that drew heavily on Hegel and other German thinkers relating to the problems of the liberal conception of the “end of history” here: “The Limits of Liberalism and the Crisis of Cosmopolitan Democracy,” Kritike 11, no. 2 (2017).


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