God, Humanism, and the Wilderness

In this essay of mine, published at Front Porch Republic (where I occasionally write), I reflect on the role of the Wilderness in inculcating a spirit of humanism, humbleness, and fruitio Dei and the Wilderness’ relationship to proper philosophical conservatism (spiritualism, naturalism, and communitarianism).

What makes the Wilderness a conservative value is what it represents and calls forth from us. The Wilderness is a reminder of natural beauty, grace, and majesty in the world. It demands the very best out of us. It requires man to have a relationship with the natural world. It calls us to be attached to the very world God created good and placed man in the center of. Enjoyment of the gifts of the earth, as Augustine argued, were bound up with fruitio Dei—the enjoyment of God, His love, and His goodness.

Read the whole essay (ca. 1600 words) here: The Forgotten Conservative Value: Wilderness


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