Book News

Great news everyone, the manuscript which I was a contributor for has passed the referring with Lexington Press (U.S.). It will be published in the Fall of 2019 under the title: The College Lecture Today: An Interdisciplinary Defense for the Contemporary University. I have a chapter examining the pedagogy of the religious lecture examining the oral and literary structure of religious stories, the hero’s journey, the mono-myth, evolutionary psychology and why the psyche gravitates to these stories, and the balance struck in what I call the persona-narrative immersion dialectic. Among the thinkers drawn on in support of my chapter included St. Augsutine, Walter Ong, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell. A self-mandatory reference to Hegel was included.

2 thoughts on “Book News

    • Yes. Thank you. We’re all very happy to hear it passed the review and will go into print. Though none of us will make any money on it! :p

      I had a good time doing the research, writing the chapter, and (re)acquainting myself with some old names I hadn’t read in some time.


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