Aesthetics, Morality, Spirituality and the Ecological Crisis

Conservation is at the heart of conservatism. And the root of our contemporary ecological crisis is a careless, profligate mode of relating to the world; Francis Bacon would be proud of our current disposition as tormentors of nature. Conservatism’s stance toward the natural world, and the ecological crisis, sets it apart from the other philosophies and ideologies attempting to address this problem…

In my most recent essay, published 15 April 2019 at Front Porch Republic, I offer an examination of the ecological crisis from aesthetic, moral, and theological considerations in contrast to the usual technological, scientific, and object-oriented view. Read it here: Conservatism and the Ecological Crisis, Front Porch Republic.


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  1. “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.”

    Your piece is a good reminded that most conservatives are not.


    1. I harp on this all the time; most “conservatives” are just utilitarian liberals in disguise who say they’re conservatives but are ultimately indistinguishable from the Enlightenment liberal cultural milieu. Sad, too, given the real pontificators of conservative philosophy have always been strong conservationists from Scruton and Oakshott to Tolkien and Burke. Pity. Always on the losing side! LOL.

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